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Nothing makes us more anxious than the word ‘secret‘..We are most scared, most cautious and most ‘secretive’ when it comes to revealing our secrets…We value our secrets a lot more than we really think..!

How many of you have at least for once, thought of keeping your boyfriend/girlfriend a secret from others..? Often when it comes to people whom we love, out of possessiveness and out of fear of losing them, we prefer to keep them as a secret..:)

Friends, am going to talk about some one I ‘value’ a lot..For me, talking about that person is nothing less than revealing my most precious secret..:)

The person I am going to talk about is the Founder and the Chancellor of the university in which I studied; Shri. Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, known all over the world as ‘The Hugging Saint’ or more affectionately as, ‘Amma’.

Believe me I am not an ardent devotee of her. I never was. More over, when I came to study in her university, I pretty much had the mindset of a critic..! I firmly believes in believing only things that I see, rather than falling for someone else’s opinion, be it bad or good. But I must admit in her case, I had heard enough of criticism about her that, even before seeing her, I became her critic..!

I stepped into her university for my 4 year undergraduate programme, and also, with a notion of observing her…and watching her all four years completely turned around my opinion about her..! My observations here are from a completely ‘logical’ perspective rather than a ‘superstitious’ one.

We all have our limitations and they are reflected in our very thoughts and actions. How many of us welcome listening to other’s problems and complaints..? Friends, am not talking about listening once in a while which all of us can at least give a try..:P Suppose you have a constantly complaining girlfriend, won’t you be annoyed..? Will you like listening to your guy’s sorrows 24/7..? In fact, in many cases, that is very much the reason for break ups among couples..!

Here, I saw a lady who has made listening to people’s problems and consoling them, her routine..! It would start around eleven in the morning and can go until three at night or even more… It depends upon the number of people patiently waiting to see her..! All four years, I saw people flocking from all over the world into her Ashram*…In many cases they come to share their sorrows…in many other cases, to share their happiness…in some cases, just to get a speck of her..and some times for a first hand look because they too like me have heard enough about her..

The crowd included people from all age groups, from mom’s coming to meet her with their newborns to very old granny’s and grandpa’s who cannot even walk without leaning onto someone else..!

And thinking about the kind of problems she would be dealing with itself can drive a normal person go crazy, for problems of people from the eastern world are very much different from that of the western side. In the east there are people usually coming up with problems related to lack of money, for poverty is still a striking issue here. Most of the western people are very rich but still I saw them meeting her with a sad face often embedded with emotional stress and lack of peace…And I saw her receiving all of them with a child like smile…! At the end of the day, due to constantly receiving people and hugging them, she would be numb barely being able to walk. Still she would have that glowing smile on her face..:) For the first time, I felt the true touch of ‘selflessness’…!

Before coming to meet Amma, I have heard enough of elucidations about her that, I had many questions and doubts in my mind. And while being with her, I was trying to find a ‘logical’ solution to those questions.

I personally have heard people passing sarcastic comments about her and many of them, I observed have not seen her even once to make a comment. My wonder was, why they talk bad about her though they have not met her even once ??? It didn’t take much time for me to get the answer to this question: “This world will not spare anyone and will always keep passing comments. It is better to please God than to please the world”. If we discern carefully, at least many of us would have had the same experience at some point of our life…

My second question also comes as an aftermath of listening to constant lamentations from people. Why is she money craving ?? There are people from all over the world giving her money as donations for her charity work. To get a management seat for a student in any of her academic colleges require good amount of money. And most of her devotees work in her institution for a low income or for free. For a long time this question troubled me until I found a ‘satisfying’ answer..:)

Economics was a compulsory subject in my high school and I have always tried to study it carefully though I must admit I never liked it much 😛 There is a simple concept in economics which talks about redistribution of wealth. In simple words it talks about taking wealth from the mighty to help the meek as a means to reduce poverty. In fact its just the concept that is simple, for implementing it is actually a primary concern especially for the government of developing nations.

I have felt this is exactly what Amma is trying to do, though to implement this in this complex world needs a lot of courage and care. Her active support in charitable works comes mainly from the money people donate to her and also from running her institutions. While on one side there are some rich students getting ‘unquestionably’ quality education that inculcates a good culture in them (often, about which even they go unaware of), on the other side there are some destitutes being supported. At the end of the day, all are benefited. They are provided exactly “that which they lacked”..!

I have also heard that Amma allows even bad people to be with her and shows a lot of care and concern for them. Bad here can mean anything from selfish to cruel to dishonest. Even I wondered why…Where are all the good ones?? My thoughts slowly drifted to her very purpose of being here in this world..If she is here to care and concern only for good people then it could be as silly as my question is. I felt she is here for a Larger transformation..To change people slowly, which would be so slow that it cannot be recognized in the initial stages. The change of a ‘Greater lot’ for a ‘Bigger purpose’…!

I have noticed there are two kinds of people in the world. First group belongs to those who are DIFFERENT. The second group belongs to the ‘SPECTATORS’ of those people who are different. When it comes to people who are DIFFERENT, it would require a lot of mental strength to exist here, for there will be a lot of dislikes, hatred, sarcasms and questions thrown at them, first and foremost for ‘not following the crowd’ be it for a good purpose or a bad one…! When it comes to the second group they either feel comfortable being themselves which is very rare or they would be there to ‘Question’ the first kind. I feel, Amma undoubtedly belongs to the first kind and in all these years of her life, she has successfully yet effortlessly faced those hurdles posed by the second group..:)

Finally, for any person to come into limelight in this world, there are certain, say criteria. Lets condense them into top 5..:)

Firstly, if that person is from an upper class, say a ‘royal’ one, then he will be famous even before he is born. Secondly, if his educational qualifications are high; say an oxford or a harvard guy doesn’t require a lot of effort to come into limelight. Thirdly, if he has a socio-political background. The credit behind Rahul Gandhi’s fame to some extent belongs to the fact that there are three generations of Prime ministers coming from his family before him. Fourth criteria is the wealth. If a person is wealthy, he is undoubtedly famous like the Ambani brothers. And last but not the least, if the person is a male, he has more chances of becoming famous than a women, though its always a debated issue..:D

In Amma’s case all these criteria are either ZERO or NEGATIVE. She was not born in any royal family. In fact she comes from the family of fishermen. Her educational qualification is only till fourth grade in school. She doesn’t have any socio-political background. She was not born into a wealthy family, and finally…SHE is NOT a HE…! And still, a person like her stealing limelight is both a magic and a miracle..But in her case I would say its not even that. Its the purity and strength of her very being, her very existence..Friends, if our intentions are as selfless as her’s then its only a matter of time before we too become famous, wealthy  and powerful. Its not a fault..:)

For all these reasons, meeting her and knowing her personally is the most precious secret I possess. I feel I have met the Most Beautiful Woman in the world. She is as flawless as her smile…

Now, when I hear people talking sarcastically about her, though I do not react because I have some idea about the way they would be thinking, it hurts me.  Our mind tends to find fault in anything and everything. Today its her, tomorrow its someone else. Its high time that we change this attitude of ours. Its important that we put our feet into others shoes to see how it is like, before we talk anything about them. To help in this, the only way I could think off was to reveal my adored, prized secret to you…Hope it helps..:)

*Ashram : The place of abode of a saint (Guru)


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I chanced upon this article and found it very interesting, highly inspiring and to the core true..! Thought of sharing it with you…:)

How To Become Emotionally & Spiritually FIT!

Consider this – consider that your fear of not having enough isn’t actually real. What if it were true that you were always being carried by the invisible hands of The Uni-verse and these hands want to give you everything your Heart desires and more. What if the thought “The Uni-verse has given up on me” is actually the Truth in reverse? What if the real thought is, “I have given up on The Uni-verse”.

There will be times when we are asked to grow and our life circumstance won’t make any sense to us. We’ve acted in accordance to the Uni-verse principles and life still seems chaotic.

We have Faith, not that life will calm down and be orderly; we have Faith BECAUSE life is chaotic and by meeting the chaos with Faith we see the higher order of Life. We see how The Uni-verse makes us stumble in order to prevent a fall, we see that losing something or someone we love dearly is sad, yet it comes with tremendous Grace. We see that not having what we want gives us the fuel, thoughts and motivation we need to go out there and happen to life!

If we look at life with the eyes of Faith we can see that we are protected, guarded and guided to a better and better outcome. It takes seeing life this way to be able to ride this wave. We have to be willing to look at death, letting go, heart break and chaos with the eyes of celebration, for all these things are a part of the dance of creation that keeps Life moving.

There is something to be found in what we have lost. And there is a part of us to be let go of when we find a greater Truth. This is why staying detached from material objects and things is vital. Love will remain, but the face and shape of Love changes.

If life is confusing right now, if you feel like you don’t know what’s next, if you feel totally lost – this is a moment to celebrate! It means you are out beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone and that you are GROWING! You are expanding and you are starting to live a new kind of life that requires a new mindset – one of Faith that the future will be better than the past, because you will create it. A mindset that says no matter WHAT comes you are strong enough to handle it! A mindset that says to The Uni-verse not “Why me?”, but “TRY ME!”.

This is what it takes to live a life on The Path – to not ask for life to be easier, but to become more emotionally and spiritually fit. The potential for greatness lies within you waiting to be watered with emotional fitness and planted in spiritual fitness. To get out of your own way and face your fears is what it takes. And if you do this… my question for you is… How good are you willing to have it? And how much of your own pain are you willing to let go of in order for all the greatness to arrive and be revealed?

-by Mastin Kipp (Mastin Kipp is the CEO and Founder of The Daily Love)

Taken from “The Daily Love”

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“When in love everything
begins to look beautiful
Every dream seems to come true
All your goals change direction
Even the wind changes its course …
Eyes search for colors …
and now even red starts to look nice …
every moment … every time …
there’s only one name on the lips …”

There is nothing more beautiful than being in love..:) And there is nothing wrong in falling in love…It is as sane as the sound of the chirping birds or the drizzling rain touching one’s soul unexpectedly…:) The beauty, the surprise and the happiness that love brings is indefinable, yet, poets of all ages would have given it a try…

The entire concept of love goes this way…on and on…It is definitely one of the most warmly received ‘guest’ in our lives ! I feel, referring love as a ‘guest’ is the best way to come to my point..:) Just as we do a million preparations to receive our most dignified, much awaited and a lot ‘expected’ guest, we must be “prepared” for falling in love..We must be prepared for everything that goes around ‘falling in love’…!

I have seen my friends going through breakups after many years of commitment with their partners. In some cases, they would even be ‘married’. I saw them, both when they were in love and when they lost love…

May be, love is blind because love takes people far away from reality. And finally when reality strikes, it strikes so hard that many a times, it is taken more like a ‘trauma’, unbearable yet unavoidable…! Often, I noticed girls going through this trauma more than guys. As a friend, I felt helpless in consoling them…

The girls, they would cry day and night. I saw them profusely lamenting into my ears about the good old days, the care, the love, the laughter, the intimacy, the decisions, the dreams that the couples shared. They would say, “Everything was so good. There were fights of course. But is there anything unusual about it..? We all fight with people whom we love the most. I still don’t understand the reason he left me…He initiated the relationship…he was behind me all those years..I wouldn’t have told a ‘yes’ to him if it wasn’t for the effort he took for our relationship…And now, how can he forget all that..? How can he leave this in midway and just go..? How can he spoil my life like this..??? I can’t forget him..”

I saw them making a thousand phone calls to the guy that often goes unattended.. I saw their smileless faces, bearing signs of the agony they carried in their heart… I saw them hoping beyond hope, that he would come back.. I saw them, very slowly, coping up with the ‘reality’… And finally, after a very long time of their emotionally stressed days, I saw them coming back to their routine…By the time they are back, they would never be the same person. Some of them became more strong at heart, while many, totally lost themselves..I even had to see some of them taking pills prescribed by psychiatrists…!

So, I thought of writing this article to all my girls who are ‘in love’..!:) Getting committed is natural, for falling in love often happens unexpectedly. But I feel its important that you have an understanding about the whole ‘love thing’..!

Lets not ponder much about what makes a guy think the way he thinks, for even the writer have been pondering about this for a long time..:P What makes him come to you with all zest, carry you away from all things that you thought to be yours, take you to the ‘100th cloud’ and then, without even a clue, drop you off suddenly is a wonder as well as a mystery to me..:D But its upto us to understand that ‘Their way of thinking is very different from ours’..! Our thoughts lie on an altogether different plane from theirs and, there will never come a time when these two planes would ever meet. So I feel its better that we focus on ‘us’ and change our ‘take’ on them.

I feel, ‘every girl’ who decides to get committed with a guy, should be prepared for a situation something like which I mentioned above. I have observed that girls genuinely have a tendency to think: ‘My guy is different. He is not like other guys who would leave their girls and go..!’ and I believe this is where all girls go wrong. We must realise that we can also go through the same thing, and hence, must be ready to ‘face’ it..:)

Often, I have seen girls hating themselves after the breakup, for they believe they are too silly, too arrogant, too bossy, or too boring and a lot more too — for the guy…Its actually not like that..:) Remember you are created that way. You are supposed to be little arrogant, silly, jealous, boring, quiet, talkative or what ever you are..They are your signature traits as ‘a girl’..:) You should only be careful that nothing crosses its limit for its a ‘universal’ rule…:)

I believe all girls must have some good understanding about themselves, their very ‘being’. Whatever the situation maybe, we must be able to deal with it, and I affirm, this would help in it. We are basically ’emotional’ creatures. Often, we forget ourselves, our dreams, our happiness, our ambition for the one we love. Taking his problems and pain to be ours, we are ready to fight tooth and nail to help him come out of it. And finally when he leaves us, we are shattered to the core… Remember, being one of the most wonderful and most beautiful creation of God, this is our basic nature..:) Someone who is more powerful than anyone on earth(even our guy:P), purposefully made us that way, and no girl should ever feel guilty about being emotional.

But, being emotional is NOT being weak…! In fact it is our greatest strength, though most of us are unaware of it…No man can ever compete, or even think of competing, with the ‘Power of mind’ which we ‘possess’…! If we really want to forget something, within the shortest span of time, ONLY ‘WE’ CAN..! If we want to achieve something, before anyone would even start thinking about grabbing it, ‘WE’ CAN…! Whether we know it or not, in all times, WE are the greatest ‘problem solvers’..! No man can ‘love’ and spread ‘happiness’ like WE can..! Even,  ‘forgive’ like WE can…  Limited are the forces on earth that can combat our willpower..!

So, Fall in love, again and again…! “Love like there is no tomorrow”..! Enjoy every moment with your guy…! But, when he speaks about breaking up, if possible, take it with a smile..:) Ofcourse, it needn’t happen to you but if it happens, it shouldn’t collapse you. So Expect this, and if it happens, accept it..! Myself being a girl, I can understand the pain and misery it could bring in to a girl’s life. But remember, you are NOT ALONE in this..! Remember the million girls around you who are going through the same, and how you handle this situation matters a lot, not only to you, but to all of them…!

And above all this, pamper yourself..! Have a world of your own..! There is nothing wrong in it..:) Be his charming girl always, but at the same time, have your circle of friends. Try to be there for them when they need you…:) Try to keep yourself busy and do whatever you love doing..! Never cross the limit, but ‘extend’ your limit…:)  If you open your eyes to the world outside, you will observe, there are a whole lot of people out there, who need your help in some way or the other…You don’t need anything more to keep you busy..:) For those who love you, including your guy, be there for them always…! But pave way for your life such that nothing can hurt you in anyway…Remember, you are not alone..! Remember, the infinite power hidden in you as a ‘girl’..! Keep smiling, always..:):) Spread your charm…:)

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“It’s just another fight I’m going to have to learn how to win, that’s all. I’m just going to have to keep smiling”

No matter what, “JUST KEEP SMILING”…:):) Everything is only a matter of time…!! All we need is the patience to wait for “this time” to pass..And if you are not an atheist, let me tell you something, Just keep praying…For prayers have the power to give you ‘patience’…!

Real smiling counts when you are sad…Have you ever tried to smile when you are in a moment of deep sorrow..? I would say you must try it..It gives you some ‘power’ I cannot define..:) I have gone through this…And I am lost for words to explain the kind of mental strength I achieved then..I myself was able to ‘feel’ that “power”, when I surprisingly saw my pleasant face disturbing the people who tried to bring me sorrow..!

And have you ever felt your friend’s sorrow striking you so hard that you yourself feel that great pain in your heart..? Your friend was at least trying to restrain himself/herself from crying, but instead, have you yourself ended up in crying feeling his/her pain..? Well if you have, you are a real WINNER..!! Because that is also a wonderful way of smiling..:) Though a beginner in this ‘mode’ of smiling, i feel its awesome..! I would say you must try this too..It really helps…:):):)

So “keep smiling” means a lot of Happiness, Power, and Love..:) And I wish everyone to Just KEEP SMILING..!:):):)


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