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Kahlil Gibran, in his work Sand and Foam, says:

“There are 3 miracles of our Brother Jesus not yet recorded in the Book: the first that He was a man like you and me; the second that He had a sense of humor; and the third that He knew He was a conqueror though conquered…!


Extraordinary people, who are believed to do things in a different manner, have always been the most ordinary people. With simple-mindedness and plain thinking, they were able to reach out to people of all levels.  Their ‘charm’ lies in the fact that they were masters of communication…! Jesus was able to communicate even with mad people. Rama could even understand a squirrel….

In an era of advanced technological revolution, I wonder why people still fail to communicate at heart…! Perhaps  it is the greatest Irony ever…

So next time someone tries to make you feel low, someone tries to disappoint you or even depress you with their superior attitude, just give a Smile thinking : How more ‘ORDINARY’ can they be…! ..:) 😉


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N0 offense meant to anyone, never…:):) The title came only out of sheer joy for something I love about my country…:) There are exceptions of course, but go to any corner of India, you will see a lot of boring couples clinging to each other until the end of time, but never failing to notice one another…!

There is always a spiritual element hidden in every bold custom and tradition in India and a strict adherence and belief in the institution of Marriage is no different…!

In a marriage, people enter into commitments for a lifetime, which is even a debated topic, considering the boredom and disappointment this would obviously bring into an individual’s life atleast at some point. But, to those who like India, let me tell you…Here’s   ‘Love’ , with every bit of Sweetness, Passion and Divinity…!!

In any relationship, its only a matter of time before the “Flames of Passion would start dyeing”…Even the most celebrated couple ends up feeling in a  lose of charm, lack of interest and disappointment. At this point of time, its upto the couple to either make it work or leave it in midway…unfortunately latter attracts more attention…:(

I believe no relationship is pure in the beginning. It requires a lot of patience to actually make it work during its crisis time, on the success of which is when ‘true love’ sprouts..:) May be a marriage is said to be a ‘bond’ because it ensures this..It enables them to patiently wait and pass the test of time…! This profound love can cross all boundaries and is even capable of assisting in an individual’s personal spiritual growth..No wonder why India is always a spiritual country in the first place…:):)

Where else but in India can one find a ‘world wonder’ , once built by a man in fond memory of his beloved wife…! There is Love blossoming everywhere…in the fields and in streets, in tiny huts and in crowded mansions..amidst all pain and sacrifices…:)

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Men are from Mars & Women from Venus, & sadly……





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