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Kahlil Gibran, in his work Sand and Foam, says:

“There are 3 miracles of our Brother Jesus not yet recorded in the Book: the first that He was a man like you and me; the second that He had a sense of humor; and the third that He knew He was a conqueror though conquered…!


Extraordinary people, who are believed to do things in a different manner, have always been the most ordinary people. With simple-mindedness and plain thinking, they were able to reach out to people of all levels.  Their ‘charm’ lies in the fact that they were masters of communication…! Jesus was able to communicate even with mad people. Rama could even understand a squirrel….

In an era of advanced technological revolution, I wonder why people still fail to communicate at heart…! Perhaps  it is the greatest Irony ever…

So next time someone tries to make you feel low, someone tries to disappoint you or even depress you with their superior attitude, just give a Smile thinking : How more ‘ORDINARY’ can they be…! ..:) 😉


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