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My pearl thought…

my pearl thought...

I had a white paper and a very smooth ink pen to write on it. The paper looked so welcoming and I started writing. I thought of making it look even more appealing after all my work. In between, I had to scratch and rewrite a few sentences. At times, I lost my patience and there I had to hurry where it looked shabby. After I finished my work, I took a glimpse at what I wrote. It doesn’t look that appealing after all…The white paper I had was much much better!

my pearl thought.

May be, life is like this beautiful white paper I had, and God gave me a beautiful path to take, like the smooth ink pen. It was upto me to pen on it neatly. Had I been a little careful and patient, the whole work would have looked good. Who is to blame, is it the white paper or the smooth ink pen or me…?

my pearl tot...

I was disappointed. I never thought about it when I wrote. What am I to do? I decided to be a little patient at least now. I waited and one day, I got the finest ink remover. Carefully, I erased wherever I had struck off and written shabbily. After all the work was done, I took a glimpse of it again. It looked much better. I felt relieved….Satisfied…

my pearl thought...

…:)   There is always a second chance, isn’t it…? 😉

my pearl thought


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“It’s just another fight I’m going to have to learn how to win, that’s all. I’m just going to have to keep smiling”

No matter what, “JUST KEEP SMILING”…:):) Everything is only a matter of time…!! All we need is the patience to wait for “this time” to pass..And if you are not an atheist, let me tell you something, Just keep praying…For prayers have the power to give you ‘patience’…!

Real smiling counts when you are sad…Have you ever tried to smile when you are in a moment of deep sorrow..? I would say you must try it..It gives you some ‘power’ I cannot define..:) I have gone through this…And I am lost for words to explain the kind of mental strength I achieved then..I myself was able to ‘feel’ that “power”, when I surprisingly saw my pleasant face disturbing the people who tried to bring me sorrow..!

And have you ever felt your friend’s sorrow striking you so hard that you yourself feel that great pain in your heart..? Your friend was at least trying to restrain himself/herself from crying, but instead, have you yourself ended up in crying feeling his/her pain..? Well if you have, you are a real WINNER..!! Because that is also a wonderful way of smiling..:) Though a beginner in this ‘mode’ of smiling, i feel its awesome..! I would say you must try this too..It really helps…:):):)

So “keep smiling” means a lot of Happiness, Power, and Love..:) And I wish everyone to Just KEEP SMILING..!:):):)


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